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A wide arrangement of promo services including all things communication, press, copywriting, promotion, publicity, pr, project management, social media management, social media advertising, marketing communications strategy, DSP, tv & radio plugging.



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Content & promo planning

Looking for someone who’s able to promote your release?

eightdaysaweek draws up a promo plan + offers you promo services for a single, an EP or full album.

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eightdaysaweek focuses on creating buzz around your release.

The promo package includes the sending of press releases, follow-up interviews and premieres.

All press contacts of eightdaysaweek receive all the updates of the release that is being worked on.

eightdaysaweek creates a press kit per artist and coördinates everything.

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Radio & tv plugging

eightdaysaweek focuses on creating buzz around your release, that includes being played on radio or television. eightdaysaweek pitches singles and albums to all belgian radio stations (national + regional).

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Social media

eightdaysaweek draws up a social media + content plan.

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eightdaysaweek writes a short + long biography and release sheet of your release.

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Promo release

eightdaysaweek offers promo for your upcoming releases.

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Live shows

eightdaysaweek offers promo for your live shows.


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Illuminine (BE)

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Gianni Marzo (BE)


Esther Artois offers independent promotion for bands and artists.

Are you looking for promotion for the release of your EP, album or single?

Do you want to create more buzz around your live show?

Just as The Beatles praised it so enthusiastically in their song of the same name, 'eightdaysaweek' is working 7/8 on their job, both on- and offline.

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